1). I am concerned about online security and giving out my financial information. Is it safe?

All our transactions use SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted and secure communication. We do not store any credit card information.

2). Do you ship to places outside of the US?

We ship worldwide. Please note that shipping to certain countries such as Brazil and Australia requires additional documentation. In all cases, buyers are responsible for clearing customs.

3). Are there any issues shipping to Canada and the U.K.?

We do not have any problems shipping peptides and SARMs to Canada or the U.K. However customers should not order Research Chemicals to be shipped to Canada. Research Chemicals may not clear Canadian Customs. Please make sure you read our disclaimer and refund policy then confirm that you accept our terms and conditions.

4). What is the difference between using USPS Express vs. UPS as the shipping option?

Within the US, the level of service is the same for both options ( generally 1-2 business days). For customers in Canada, UPS delivery and customs clearance is faster ( 2-3 business days vs. 3-6 days for USPS Express). We are also offering USPS Priority International to Canada for $33. UPS generally calls requesting confirmation as to whether it is for personal or business use, and if it is personal whether you want to use UPS as the broker. They generally charge 29$ as the brokerage fee plus HST on the purchase. If your purchase is urgent we recommend UPS.Signature confirmation availability varies depending on your country and postal service options. Signature option is required by default for all USPS Express packages shipped to Canada. USPS Priority to Canada will only display order delivery confirmation in tracking information.

5). Do you know of any issues with receiving products shipped from your website?

There have been no known issues in receiving our peptide products anywhere outside of North America. However for all research chemicals there may be issues receiving them outside of the USA, so please ensure that you can receive these products in compliance with your local jurisdiction’s custom’s policies, before placing an order.

6). What about taxes on the products?

Sales tax of 7% is charged only on orders shipped to New Jersey.

7). Do I have to be registered user to shop on your site?

Yes, you do as it is required by our system. Registering also saves you time if you plan to visit at a later time as you will not have to fill in your address and email details again. All registration information is confidential and not shared with any third party.

8). Do I have to enter my phone number while registering?

Yes, it is required due to the shipping policies of our shipping providers.

9). Can I get my product shipped to me in cold packs?

Although cold shipping does help with the stability of the product, it is not required under normal circumstances. However, if you do want it, please select and add Cold shipping to shopping cart.

10). Can you help me with lab procedures on these products?

Superpeptides will not reply any emails regarding these questions. As stated in the disclaimer, the buyers are expected to be qualified researchers. Please make sure you read the disclaimer fully.

11). How can I be assured of the quality of the peptides sold here?

Research peptides are synthesised and vialed in the USA. The peptide purity is guaranteed to be above 98% and is often 99.5%.

12). What payment options do I have?

Check Payment (5% Additional Discount)
Bank transfer (5% Additional Discount )
Bitcoin(10% Additional Discount)
Interac E-Transfer for Canadian customers
E-check for Canadian and US customers

13). What are your shipping times like?

We ship our products within 1-2 business days of receiving the order. The tracking number for your shipment will be sent by e-mail once your order is shipped. The shipment can take up to two business days within the US and up to 10 business days for certain countries. Please check USPS Express or UPS for details on shipping times.

14). Some polypeptide vials seem fuller than others even for the same product ?

This is normal and they both have the same amount of specified polypeptide in them.

15). Why are the SARMs and Research Chemicals colored?

We color code them for easy identification which is a well-accepted practice.

16). Why are all your SARMs not fully dissolved unlike some other research companies?

Our research chemical products are suspended in sterile water and USP Glycerin for stability with the exception of Exemestane. Other companies use an alcohol based solvent. Using alcohol as a solvent can compromise test results in certain cases, so ProScience research offers SARMs and Research Chemicals without any alcohol. You must shake the item well so that the solids stay in suspension prior to use.