4.3. Anti-Aging Cosmetic Serum

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This serum is formulated with high-performance anti-aging ingredients for optimal improvement in the skin's texture. Recommended use is twice daily on the face, especially around the eyes for a few months.

Ingredients: Aqua(distilled water), 10% Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid(Sodium Hyaluronate 0.05-1%), Leucidal Liquid (as a natural and organic preservative) and cosmetic peptide blend in 20 ml high end airless syringe (as seen on the picture). Cosmetic peptide blend consists of 10% of Snap-8 solution, 10% of Argireline solution, 10% of Matrixyl solution, 10% of Lipopeptide solution, 10% of Pal-GHK solution and 10% of GHK-Cu solution. The concentration of these peptide solutions is 0.5g/L. 

*Topical application only.

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