5.6. TB-500 [Thymosin Beta 4] (10 mg)

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"TB-500 is a synthetic version of the naturally occurring peptide present in virtually all human and animal cells, Thymosin Beta 4 (TB500). It is known to promote: blood vessels (endothelial ) cell differentiation, keratinocyte migration, angiogenesis (growth of new blood cells from pre-existing vessels) in dermal tissues, collagen deposition, and decreased inflammation. The key mechanisms of TB-500 action is its ability to regulate the cell-building protein, Actin, a vital component of cell structure and movement, which represents up to 10% of the total proteins which therefore plays a major role in the genetic makeup of the cell. TB500 promotes wound healing, muscle building and speeds up recovery time of muscles fibers and their cells as well as promoting cell migration through a specific interaction with actin in the cell cytoskeleton. It also increases the production of extracellular matrix-degrading enzymes and does not bind to the extracellular matrix and has a very low molecular weight therefore, it can travel relatively long distances through tissues."

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