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PNC-27 (50mg)

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PNC-27 is a membrane active anticancer peptide that has been found to kill cancer cells by inducing membranoylsis via cellular necrosis. It has been designed to bind tightly to the p53-binding pocket on the mdm2 protein, a negative regulator of the P53 tumor suppressor. Almost all cancers have a mechanism to decrease the functionality of P53 which can stop cellular replication. P53 is usually not expressed in high degrees in normal cells. By blocking its inhibition via mdm2 protein modulators, one can make sure P53 is expressed. Thus, cancer cells can be selectively targeted for necrosis and death. This complex works in cancer cell membranes. Together, PNC-27 and Mdm2 result in trans-membrane pore formation which results in cancer cell death. This is evident in literature including studies on P53-null K562 in leukemia cells, melanoma, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, epithelial ovarian cancer, and additional cancers. Essentially, the peptide has been found to be cytotoxic to human cancer cells while having no effect on healthy cells and is functional almost across all cancer cell types.

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