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FOX04-DRI (100mg)

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The D-retro inverso (DRI)-isoform of FOXO4 is a cell penetrating peptide shown to selectively induce apoptosis of senescent cells (death of ageing cells) thereby reversing effects of aging in mice. FOXO4-DRI is a senolytic. The name is derived from senescence and lytic (to destroy).


FOXO4 D-Retro-Inverso peptide, also known as FOXO4 DRI peptide was first reported in ‘Targeted Apoptosis of Senescent Cells Restores Tissue Homeostasis in Response to Chemotoxicity and Aging’ by Baar et al. FOXO4 DRI peptide comprising the amino acid sequence: LTLRKEPASEIAQSILEAYSQNGWANRRSGGKRP, wherein the amino acids in said amino acid sequence are D-amino acid residues. FOXO4 D-Retro-Inverso peptide selectively induces apoptosis of senescent cells reverses effects of chemotoxicity and aging in mice.

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